About On The Path

On The Path (OTP) has provided an array of services to at-risk youth and families experiencing severe behavioral and mental health disorders for over 25 years. With locations in Maryland and Georgia, OTP has proven to be an asset to the community because of our commitment to acknowledging the strengths and values of the consumer and family, collaboration with stakeholders and consistent demonstration of family and community strengthening.

On The Path provides:

  • Highly trained staff skilled in supporting children, adolescents and their families with managing their emotional and behavioral challenges in the home, community, and school settings.
  • Skilled and trained staff that engage at-risk youth in a strength-based approach that centers on achieving their treatment goals.
  • Effective behavior modification strategies that are implemented in the home, community and school settings.

Our programs are the result of a collaboration between parents, who are the head of our treatment teams, the Department of Family and Children Services, Department of Juvenile Justice, schools and other stakeholders in the community. On The Path’s organizational structure includes a multi-disciplinary team of:

  • Licensed Psychologist,
  • Board Certified Medical Doctors,
  • Licensed Social Workers,
  • Family Therapist,
  • Professional Counselors and certified Paraprofessionals.

Our executive leadership has over forty (50) years of combined leadership experience managing and developing community services organizations. Hours, days and frequency of Service vary and are based on the individual needs of the consumer and family.


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