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Psychological Testing

This type of testing consists of a face-to-face assessment of emotional functioning, personality, cognitive functioning (e.g. thinking, attention, memory) or intellectual abilities using an objective and standardized tool that has uniform procedures for administration and scoring and utilizes normative data upon which interpretation of results is based.

Psychological tests are only administered and interpreted by those who are properly trained in their selection and application. The practitioner administering the test ensures that the testing environment does not interfere with the performance of the examinee and ensures that the environment affords adequate protection of privacy and confidentiality.

Psychiatric Evaluation

This type of testing includes the provision of specialized medical and/or psychiatric services that include, but are not limited to:

  1. Psychotherapeutic services with medical evaluation and management including evaluation and assessment of physiological phenomena (including co-morbidity between behavioral and physical health care issues);
  2. Assessment and monitoring of an individual’s status in relation to treatment with medication,
  3. Assessment of the appropriateness of initiating or continuing services.


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