Our staff members embody the following values and they serve as the foundation of the programs and services we provide.

  • Family
    • 1. Our partnerships with consumers, their families, our staff, the community, business associates and volunteers comprise the OTP treatment team.
    • 2. Consumer and family involvement is vital to the success of our programs.
    • 3. We are committed to providing safe, secure and responsive services to the entire family.
  • Compassion
    • 1. We honor the preservation of each consumer’s self-respect and dignity.
    • 2. Warmth, kindness and caring in everything we do demonstrates our compassion.
    • 3. Showing special understanding for the needs of the family is fundamental.
  • Commitment
    • 1. Follow through is basic.
    • 2. OTP is uncompromising in our commitment to quality and expertise.
    • 3. We are firm in our commitment to socially responsible business practices and community responsiveness.
  • Collaboration
    • 1. Programs are enriched through partnerships with consumers, families, counties, agencies and other community based providers.
    • 2. OTP is committed to collaboration rather than competition in developing new services.
    • 3. We believe that the best results are obtained when a team holds responsibility.
  • Enthusiasm
    • 1. A sense of humor is essential – smiling and laughter are therapeutic.
    • 2. Our enthusiastic attitude promotes energetic performance.
    • 3. We have a strong pride in ourselves and a natural enthusiasm for the work we do.
  • Flexibility
    • 1. At OTP, flexibility allows us to provide our consumers with the most appropriate programs and services.
    • 2. We understand – and strive to meet – the range and variety of mental health needs of our consumers and their families.
    • 3. We provide innovative and effective programs and services that enhance our consumers’ wellness and promote their recovery.
  • Character
    • 1. We don’t just describe problems – we solve them.
    • 2. Strength of character is vital to what we do.
    • 3. In our partnerships, integrity, trust, respect and dependability are all non-negotiable.


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