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Early Intervention

This type of intervention generally means providing services to children with certain developmental disabilities or delays. An On The Path early intervention specialist typically works with such children, from as young as five years of age, but he or she also can assist older children. A commonly held belief, by most professionals in the field, is that children tend to attain better developmental outcomes when they receive a diagnosis and services as early as possible. The specialist often functions as a member of a professional team that can provide a variety of services to children and their families.

Crisis Intervention

These type of services are directed toward the support of a child who is experiencing an abrupt and substantial change in behavior which is usually associated with a precipitating situation and which is in the direction of severe impairment of functioning or a marked increase in personal distress. Crisis Intervention is designed to prevent out of home placement or hospitalization. Often, a crisis exists at such time as a child and/or his or her family/responsible caregiver(s) decide to seek help and/or the individual, family/responsible caregiver(s), or practitioner identifies the situation as a crisis. Crisis services are time-limited and present-focused in order to address the immediate crisis and develop appropriate links to alternate services. Services may involve the youth and his/her family/responsible caregiver(s) and/or significant other, as well as other service providers.


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