On The Path was always there for me and my son.  I could call on them day or night and get the help when I needed it!  They have really help my son get through a difficult stage and get back on the right path!

Cherie M.
Macon, GA

My daughter was not listening to anything I told her to do and she even was experimenting with drugs.  The support we received from our On The Path treatment team really helped me and my daughter communicate much better.  My daughter even learned how to share her feelings without exploding.  It took some time but we are in a much better place.  Thank you On The Path!

Warner Robins, GA

Good Morning Mr. Kwame! All is well! Thank you so much for taking the time to work with me and my son.
The encouragement and support you extended to me, means so much to me! I can see clearer now! I have refocused, and I feel that I will now be better equipped in helping get my son and I back  “On the Path” to healing.
Once again, Thank you!

Ms. Tammy C
Perry, GA


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