Approval Requirements




Steps to Becoming a Foster Parent

What are the steps to becoming an On The Path foster parent?

  • Attend an orientation with On The Path Staff. Schedule a one-on-one interview so we can get to know each other and share with you the On The Path difference and our philosophy.
  • Complete an application and begin paperwork after you have participated in the orientation.
  • Complete the legal requirements such as background checks and fingerprinting.
  • Attend IMPACT Training. This is a required training that is designed to prepare you for the demands of foster care.
  • Complete a home study course.
  • Be excited to open your home to a young person to have a safe loving home to heal and continue their childhood!

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Interested in Becoming a Foster Parent?

Children come into foster care every day, and our Foster Care Program is looking for everyday folks like you to be Foster Parents! We need you to provide a loving home for the children of Middle Georgia.

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